News: Aikainen At Grimeborn Festival

On August 11, 2014

Composer Miika Hyytiäinen’s new opera “Aikainen” will get it’s premiere in London on 1. Sept 2014 at the renowned Arcola Theatre. In this production Laura Åkerlund is working as the producer with Katariina Nyberg.

Aikainen [= “early/about time”], is a sensational experimental opera about time and its different aspects. Besides music theatre, Aikainen embraces elements of visual arts, performance art, poetry, and film.

The composer uses the newest technology, like 3D-printed and electrical instruments and 3D video as a part of both the props and the music. A walk-in score presented on a Mobius strip brings a further dimensional element on stage and real-time composing during the performance.

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