Project: Eugen Onegin in St. Petersburg

On September 20, 2015

Eugen Onegin

Pjotr Tšaikovskys opera Eugen Onegin is a three Act opera, which is based on Aleksandr Puškins novel with the same name. First premiered in St. Petersburg in 1879.


“This was not Pushkin, this was shakespearean Pushkin!” – Audience feedback in St. Petersburg

A collaboration between russian and finnish artists, Eugen Onegin was performed in St. Petersburg, Russia Club Dacha 6. September 2015 and in Putikon Hovi Punkaharju, Finland, 12.September 2015.

At the core of stage direction was Tatjanas and Onegins growth to different directions and in different realms. The opera starts from today’s time, where Tatjana finds her old letters to Onegin on her apartment floor, flooded of the letters she never sent to him during the years. Tatjana starts to read those letters and begins to think about her past. People from the past come alive in front of her.

Onegin shows up to the duel drunk and late. Zaretsky still insists the duel to take place. During the duel something goes wrong. While Onegin is pointing the gun at Lenski and Lenski is pointing the gun at his own head, Zaretsky goes between them to stop the duel. Onegin accidently kills Zaretsky and Lenski kills himself.


In the third Act we come back to the life of today, when Tatjana and Onegin meet again after years have passed in a party held by Gremin, Tatjanas husband. Olga and Tatjana see Onegin, and while Tatjana is shocked seeing Onegin again, Olga steals a gun from Gremin’s guncase. Onegin tries to persuade Tatjana to leave her husband, but she refuses and runs away from him. Olga suddenly comes to the room, and kills Onegin.



Stage Director: Laura Åkerlund
Conductor: Jonas Rannila
Pianist: Laura Kivikoski

Eugen Onegin: Alexander Korbukov
Tatjana Larina: Emriikka Salonen
Olga Larina: Suvi Larjamo
Vladimir Lenski: Alexey Strazhevich
Njanja: Minna-Sisko Mutanen
Madame Larina: Katja Alexeejeva
Gremin: Niklas Spångberg



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