Project: Salome at Oper Stuttgart

On October 6, 2015


Richard Strauss

By the middle of the 19th Century, the figure of Salome, a woman who enforced her erotic desires by using lethal violence, had developed into both – incarnation of female ferocity and symbol for pure eroticism – in short to the most important Christian-mythological female figure within the world of music and literature. It resembles an ecstatic dance on the verge of a precipice which finally evolved into a symbol of decadence: Until today, the opera has not lost any of its equally fascinating and disturbing power.

Public Rehearsal
Exact date still to be announced.

Introduction (in German)

November 15, 2015, 11 am

Pre-performance Introduction (in German)
45 minutes prior to the start of every performance, Opera House, Grand Tier Foyer (Foyer I. Rang)

Late Night Talk (in German)
Directors, dramaturgs, singers and conductors are ready to answer your questions:

January 21, 2016


22.11.2015 19:00 Premiere
Other performances:
01.12.2015 19:30 
04.12.2015 19:30
08.12.2015 19:30
15.12.2015 19:30


Cast Nov 2015 – Jan 2016

Conductor: Roland Kluttig, Georg Fritzsch
Director and Costume DesignKirill Serebrennikov
Stage Design: Pierre Jorge Gonzalez
Video: Ilya Shagalov
Lighting: Reinhard Traub
Dramaturgy: Ann-Christine Mecke
Herodes: Matthias Klink
Herodias: Claudia Mahnke
Salome: Simone Schneider
Jochanaan: Iain PatersonMarkus Marquardt
Narraboth: Gergely Németi
Ein Page: Idunnu Münch
1. Jude: Torsten Hofmann
2. Jude: Heinz Göhrig
3. Jude: Ian José Ramirez
4. Jude: Daniel Kluge
5. Jude: Eric Ander
Nazarener: Shigeo Ishino
Soldat: David Steffens
Soldat: Guillaume AntoineSimon Stricker
Ein Sklave:Esther Dierkes
Stage Director’s Assistant team: Valentin Schwarz, Vladislav Parapanov & Laura Åkerlund

With: Staatsorchester Stuttgart


Iain salome_khp_82

Foto: A.T. Schaefer