Livestream from Finnish National Opera

On November 24, 2016

Finnish National Opera livestreamed The Flying Dutchman on Thu 24.11.2016. Der fliegende Holländer, Richard Wagner’s first masterpiece, is the story of the Dutchman, a captain cursed to sail the seas of the world forever; he is only allowed to make landfall once every seven years. This curse can only be broken by the love of a faithful woman. Kasper Holten, one of the most celebrated stage directors of our time, brings a new interpretation to the FNO. In his production, an urban environment and the tempestuous world of the international art trade are underpinned by Wagner’s evocation of the power of love and the sea.

Yle produced a live broadcast of the opera on Thursday 24th of November on Yle Radio 1 and through Finnish National Operas websites Stage24.

The livestream can be viewed from this link. The commentaries start from 1:08:44 an from 3:08:42